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Happy Birthday, Here's Bitcoin - A Distributed Growth Strategy to take Bitcoin to Mass Adoption

Bitcoin is a seed that grows into a beautiful, prosperous, orange garden. It's a gift that keeps on giving. After setting my girlfriend up with a wallet and then doing the same with my father, I noticed they began reading more about bitcoin. Paying attention to its price leads to paying attention to its news. They speak to friends about it and their genuine curiosity leads them to read more, and ultimately become more bullish, as the fundamentals are so sound. # Give Bitcoin For Birthdays So I started **gifting it to friends for their birthdays.** Just a nominal amount, but enough that they have to download a wallet. They transition from saying "That seems complicated" to "This isn't so bad." The generosity of a gift is something that is rude to deny, so they make the initial time investment to accept it. From here, I expect their curiosity and the surprising ease of purchasing to encourage them to purchase and hold more. I expect the gift to grow in value, and their investment to grow in value too. So in this way, I really think I'm doing them a big favor. # Mass Adoption I encourage everyone to gift bitcoin to those you know who have not yet taken the leap. What better way than a distributed marketing strategy to push everyone we know to go from an observer to entering a distributed financial system that lets them own their money.
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