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Halving vs presidential elections

Did mr Sats have a vision of matching up the btc halving timing in congruence with american election years? Even it's simply a coincidence, it's interesting to note that the past two times the btc chart 馃彃 hockey sticked upwards after a halving event it came 4-6 months after the actual halving and coincided with a big vote and sizzling political climate. The way btc is currently hovering in price but advancing in underlying infrastructure and tech, it feels very much like it's waiting in the wings or champing at the bit to see where we're at closer to sept/oct/November. Compared to 2012 and 2016, what is happening now is exponentially crazier from a macro perspective and it feels like whether its up or down, the fuel is being loaded into the ship 馃搲馃搱馃殌
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