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Hacked Accounts are not Coinbase or Bitcoin Fault - Sorry CNBC

After reading many articles and situations on how individual accounts got hacked - Phone Carriers(Especially! T-Mobile) are at fault for allowing SIM Card Swamps. The fact these phone carriers never caught on to these hackers is unbelievable. Two authentication is used by so many companies, not just Coinbase. If your own phone carrier allows a hackers to take over your phone with 5 min call and gain access to any account - The Phone Carrier is at fault. We just recently found out hackers had access to over 101 Million users data at T-Mobile Database. We have no idea how long they have had access to the database. For all we know, they have been using this information to gain access to our personal identification(SSN, Address, Photo ID). You can pray for all the customer service you can imagine but if you can't get to the source of the problem(Phone Carriers) to handle there flawed system, then improving customer service won't mean anything. Source of the problem is phone carriers are handing over and allowing access to your phone. It's not just your coinbase accounts, it's your gmail, company email where your hold private cooperate information. Some how you all you can say this is just a coinbase problem with customer service? wake up, these hackers just don't solely have access to your Coinbase account, they have access to everything! Part that pisses me off is that these articles try to present bitcoin, eth and all crypto as unsafe asset to hold. Cryptocurrency have only showed how flawed cooperate America software security is. There is a huge lawsuit that needs to be settled to all customers of T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon when it comes to our Data.
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