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Guys, I fucked up. Please don't be mad.

**EDIT: Dont award this post. Don't give Reddit the money for coins. That's stupid. Reddit has enough money.** Over the past 2 years I've been **agressivley** buying Bitcoin. Before today, I had north of 2 whole coins. Well, I recently got into a car accident, and my shitbox was "totaled"(hit and run(not covered)). I needed to pay my health insurance's deductible, and buy a new car. In all, I had to sell between $10k and $12k of my coin to pay for everything. And then a little bit extra because I got raped by the coinbase fee. I sold only what I needed to. I feel like shit. I keep telling myself "hey, look, you could've gotten a Tesla, or some other cool shit, but you were smart and went with a reasonable, cheap, vehicle(09 Honda pilot)". But I still feel like shit. It was the first time I've ever sold, and it crushed me.
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