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Greenlight by Blockstream: Lightning Made Easy

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Greenlight by Blockstream: Lightning Made Easy

Today we’re excited to unveil Greenlight, our latest Lightning Network service. The new service provides simple, secure access to the Lightning Network, allowing anyone to spin up their Lightning node in the cloud while retaining complete control over their funds.

Getting started with Bitcoin can be challenging, particularly when learning how to keep funds safe and private. Onboarding Lightning adds another layer of complexity because of the need to operate channels and liquidity as well as manage backups and watchtowers. New users often opt for custodial services where these technical challenges are managed for them but at the cost of trusting the service operator with their funds.

There is, however, a middle ground that we think is far better: use an operator to run the node with all of the associated challenges while keeping control over the funds with the user. This is precisely what Greenlight enables. Based on the highly modular and extensible open-source c-lightning implementation, we can run the node on our infrastructure while the user retains the keys on their own user device. Anything that touches your private keys requires signing by your device.

Lightning Simplified

Greenlight allows anyone to boot up their personal Lightning node on our cloud infrastructure in seconds and take full control over their funds. The private keys, required to sign both on-chain and off-chain transactions, never leave the user’s device.

Users interact with the node via a simple programmable interface and we take care of the rest. We schedule the node on our infrastructure when needed, managing everything from the Bitcoin back-end to encrypted backups and watchtowers. You take care of your funds, we’ll manage the rest.

When scheduled to run on the infrastructure, the node will attempt to connect to the user’s device which holds the keys and ask for sign-off ...

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