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Terms like peer-to-peer/decentralised will become prevalent over the next few years or surrounding the next collapse of global markets. The architecture banks operate from isn't a scalable solution; it's corrupt and favours the monetary sector far too much

Expanding on an observation from his last talk, Andreas asks why we talk so much about the cartels in drugs and oil, but rarely about one of the largest cartels in the world: banking. He analyses recent (unacknowledged) history with the 2008 financial crisis, the corrupt revolving door with regulators, how kleptocracy is destroying democracy, and why Bitcoin matters as an exit when voice is no longer an option.This talk took place on November 10th 2018 as part of the 'Internet of Money' tour at the Edmonds Center for the Arts near Seattle, Washington: Than Useless: Financial Surveillance - as a System-of-Control - Stories We Tell About Money - Success: Price or Principle -'s Origins and the Genesis Blockade - Open Blockchains Matter - Globalisation - in Education instead of Speculation - vs. Complexity - Price: Bitcoin's Impact on the Future - I'm against ETFs - and the bank boycott - design and mass adoption - adoption and peer-...

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The Need for New Crypto Exchange Types

Bitcoin network started more than 10 years ago. It’s original goals and values where using cryptography to achieve a better form of money with no inflation, no government interference, no money…
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invest your life savings into bitcoin

This guy looks like genius now, but this tweet was almost exactly the 2011 peak of $31. Price declined for a year down to $2 and stayed there for months. Bitcoin was “dead.” Even those who acted on th...