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Graphical blockchain explorer for Bitcoin Core (under development)


⚠️ WARNING: do not use this on a computer where you care about your Bitcoin data. This software might delete your funds, wallets, and blockchain data. This software has not been broadly tested yet.

Orange is a Bitcoin blockchain explorer for Bitcoin Core. It's built with Electron, TypeScript and React.

This project is not affiliated with Bitcoin Core.

The functionality of the explorer is currently extremely limited. Missing features:

Search by transaction ID Viewing transaction details Search by address Viewing memory pool details

We still need to implement these features.

Table of Contents Goal of the project

The goal of the project is to explore using Electron, React, and TypeScript to build a better Bitcoin client on top of Bitcoin Core while still providing strong security.

The initial aim of Orange is to be a graphical blockchain explorer. Orange may gradually include more features, such as wallet.

How it works

Orange is just a front-end. Bitcoin Core acts as the back-end. Orange needs Bitcoin Core to be already running on your computer.

Architecture and security

Orange uses multiple processes. Some processes include npm modules while others don't. Orange is architected so that processes with npm modules are sandboxed and have very low access privileges. Processes with npm modules cannot make outbound or receive inbound connections except in a very tightly controlled manner.

Only processes that don't use any 3rd party modules are allowed to communicate with Bitcoin Core.

Details on the architecture

All Electron applications have 3 separate processes. The nature of these 3 processes is what enables the architecture described above.

The 3 processes are called main, renderer, and preload. Each one of these processes is granted a different level of access privilege over the system, as described below.

The main process

In Orange the main has full ac...

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