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Governments will be ordering crypto exchanges to shut down as the fiat Ponzi collapses; get your coins out

Governments will use whatever excuse they want - 'national security, financial stability, good of the people, etc...' but at the end they want to prevent people from getting off their sinking fiat ship. It's not if, but when, they order exchanges shut down - that includes Coinbase. And Coinbase is already slow-walking withdrawals and requiring new and laborious and tedious enhanced KYC procedures. Good luck out there and remember: not your keys...
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Amazing— Lewis 2018 🐻 fighter still standing (@Nomadicbushido) July 9, 2020
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10 tips for using Bitcoin more anonymously

You don't want your bank account to be visible to everyone. This applies also to Bitcoin. Here are a 10 tips on how to be more anonymous when using bitcoin.