Good fun idea I have, but I have no programming skills.


Why hasn't anyone made an offline bitcoin wallet creator for old video game consoles yet?

Couldn't be that difficult to make an Atari 2600 or NES spit out seed words and deposit QR codes. On top of that if someone made an NES rom for instance, then people could create a physical cartridge and even run it on a plethora of devices.

So say someone made a bitcoin wallet creator NES rom then you could run it on;

1)Any old device that runs NES roms (old smartphones, dumb phones maybe)

2)Emulation handhelds (Miyoo Mini, Playstation Portable, N3DS)

3)On an actual NES hooked up to a TV

4)On an OG xbox, PS2, etc.

You'd basically cover like hundreds of devices at once that someone somewhere might have.