Give me your honest thoughts about Bitcoin.

self.Bitcoin1m ago
For those who don't own Bitcoin: ☛ Bitcoin has no alternative. (if you don't get it, maybe you're dehydrated, drink some water) ☛ Bitcoin is a rare, global and decentralized digital currency that cannot be confiscated. ☛ invest everything that you can't afford to lose. ☛ Bitcoin is for money what smartphone is for the landline. ☛ Currency ≠ Money. The currency does not keep its value over time. Over the millennia, gold and silver have played the role of "money". ☛ You don't buy Bitcoin, you sell USD. ☛ Daca nu ai pierdut, ai castigat. ☛ Bitcoin e alifie pentru lacomie. ☛ Bitcoin doesn't go up, dollar goes down. ☛ Only 0.01% of the world's population owns bitcoin. ​ Advice for Bitcoin owners: ☛ Use legacy uncompressed addresses (1xxxx). Compression comes information loss. ☛ The most paranoid option to keep Bitcoin is in your "brain". ☛ Bitcoin has different purities / hardnesses. ☛ Don't trust software / hardware wallet. ☛ The way you generate / store private keys makes Bitcoin your Bitcoin. ☛ Crypto ≠ Bitcoin ☛ Keep all your eggs in the same basket, and keep an eye on it. ☛ If it's not Bitcoin is Shitcoin & dollar is the biggest shitcoin.