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Getting rid of hardware wallets?

My current multisig setup is a **2-of-3** that involves: * 3 types of hardware wallets * A physical backup of each HW's seed * All 3 seeds have a BIP 39 passphrase * I store the HWs and their physical seed backup in 3 different remote locations * I use my own ElectrumX server to check my funds and txs Thing is, the HWs I use will probably fail **before** the physical seed backups due to how I store them. Also, I'm not very confident in those HW companies being around in a few years. Finally, I find my current setup redundant, since I store the HWs with their seed. That's why I plan to sweep my funds to another similar 2-of-3 setup, minus the hardware wallets, using an air-gapped machine to generate the 3 private keys. Am I being dumb here?
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