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From Chaos, Comes Order

I feel it is important to discuss what is happening at the moment. We're gonna break this down into 4 parts... Let's start with the virus. ​ **Part 1 - The Virus** Now, this virus. First of all, I just want as a disclaimer to say that it's important to rely on official sources of information regarding the virus since they would never lie to you... OK, so what's up? Well, here's what's up: This virus is the trigger for the biggest power play we've seen since 2001. This is a perfect excuse for an economic crash. This defers responsibility from those who are actually responsible and blames it all on this virus. It also accelerates the inevitable trend towards a cashless society, and the much desired Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). We've had [Christine Lagarde]( (former head of the IMF and current President of the ECB) and [Mark Carney]( (former Governor for the Bank of England and current UN special envoy on climate action and climate finance) speak on digital currencies. We've had reports from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). The BIS is essentially the Central Bank for Central Banks. Coincidence is a funny thing (just ask Larry Silverstein...): In 2019, 1200 CEOs left their positions. That was a record year. In the first month of 2020, 219 CEOs left. A new record. On the topic of CEOs... ​ **Part 2 - CEOs and Stock Buybacks** The financial metrics which incentivise executives have become far removed from operating performance. As an example, [here is a story from the end of 2014.]( This summarises perfectly what has happened! The main source of demand for equities has been corporations (i.e.stock buybacks). And this makes sense, incentives drive human behaviour. Pretty simple. Now, *this* is the really infuriating part. These corporations now want bailo...
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