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Freewallet stole cancer patient's life savings & ID

DO NOT PUT YOUR MONEY IN FREEWALLET. ALL OF MY FUNDS AND MY ID HAVE BEEN STOLEN. I suffer from cancer, which Ive told them already, but the Freewallet scam keeps on rolling. NO honest company has the HUNDREDS of scam complaints that these thieves at [**u/freewallet\_support**]( do. Look up their previous posts to me. For no valid reason, Freewallet began blocking customer access to their funds recently. Every ridiculous, phony excuse has been made, none of them true. After absolutely assuring I would have access to my crypto after a simple ID submission, Freewallet instead obstructed my access by making an absurd claim that my ID photos had been edited. That is exactly the tactic I expected from this criminal organization. As I proved to them via video, all of my photos were 100% legitimate, completely unedited. On top of that, EVERY other crypto exchange that Ive submitted my ID to has NEVER even questioned it. WHY? Because the other exchanges are not scams like [**u/freewallet\_support**]( is. Again, just look at the massive number of complaints. Search them. It speaks for itself. Their tactic is beyond predictable for a scam. When they see they've encountered their worst nightmare, meaning me in this case, they begin resolving a few complaints here and there to make it look like they're trying to do right. All of those, however, are peanuts compared to my life savings. They would rather risk their necks than let that go back to its rightful owner. That's what lowlife scammers like Freewallet do. Theyre so careless at Freewallet, that they never thought to consider Reddit posts CANNOT be deleted. This is NOT Facebook, where they delete customer complaints ALL the time. Nothing matters to them but stealing my life savings. I have my life savings in there. I have given them EXACTLY what they asked for, and I still have NO access to my crypto. My emails to them ...
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