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Found this guy's flash drive and wallet.dat file in my house

I asked my mom if she had any USB drives laying around. She gave me one she says she bought for my brother that he used for school. I plugged it in and sat there for a moment wondering why there was a "PS4" folder (no one in my family has a playstation), and also who this guy is (My family is white.) Then I saw the dat file which I immediately recognized as a bitcion or crypto wallet. All the files are from around 2016 which is when my brother started school. The "immunization record form" is blank but it has a University of Maryland header which is the same school my brother went to. I guess somehow he ended up with this guy's flash drive without realizing it and the drive, and possibly this guy's crypto, has been sitting in a drawer in our house ever since. Oh, and there's malware on it from a cracked game he torrented. I clicked on a folder and windows defender recognized some scary looking malware to which I almost shit myself over. I'd go through it more but would rather not have it connected to my computer considering I don't know whose it is or how it got in our house. Anyone know him tho ​
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