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For those who has not seen lightning in action. Here is a Bitcoin + Lightning demonstration using the command line. Instant payment and instant payout for 0 fees :)

Here is a quick demonstration of how you can do payments instantly with Bitcoin using the lightning network. As shown here both sending payments and receiving payments are done in less than 1 second for 0 fees. The site that is shown is called: Bitcoin + Lightning node is run on a Raspberry Pi. If you want to set this up yourself you can check out this tutorial:

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Global Debt Nears Record $244 Trillion Tick! Tock!

Global Debt of $244 Trillion Nears Record Despite Faster Growth; World debt exceeded 318% of GDP in third quarter, IIF says as Non-financial corporate debt nears record high of 92% of GDP
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Special POV: Living on Bitcoin with Colin Harper

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