For those of you in this sub, or even worse, who hold bitcoin but refuse to understand it - why?


I'm genuinely curious how you got to a place in your life where you purchased magic internet money with your hard earned funds & then took it one step further and joined a magic internet money community online to talk about it, and still won't take the time to learn what the thing is.

It is almost unbelievable the amount of misinformation I see on here re: bitcoin. Complete misunderstandings of what it is, what the bitcoin standard is, why bitcoin will probably change the world, what value it brings the world.

Hell, the other day I saw someone arguing that bitcoin only has value because everyone else deems it to have value.

Folks, do the fucking research. It's all right there. If you're wondering why every single grumpy bitcoin maxi like me has the exact same opinion on bitcoin and what it will do for the world it's because we all did the fuckin work to understand it, and we came into understanding. Funny how that works.