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FOMO as a 15-year-old.

I'm a teenager from Singapore. At this age, I'm not legally allowed to administrate a business or invest so I just try to grasp as much acknowledge as I can. Be it finishing 2 investing books a week or using my paper trading account to test out new strategies. I also recently started a finance blog site. $BTC is getting so much press nowadays and is popular than ever. This gets me tremendous FOMO every time as it's gonna take me 4 MORE YEARS to really get started with investing. I've begged my parents several times for a custodial account but I'm in 10th grade and it's a very crucial year as I've got exams on the way so I'm unable to get a custodial account. Right now, I just have 2 income sources. 8 months ago, I tried flipping a guitar for a profit (I produce music too, so I've got a good knowledge about music instruments) and made 80% profit. I created a snowball effect with this and reached from $200 (saved up pocket money) to $6K just off flipping. I recently also started a [finance blog site]( and that pretty much sums up my "income streams". ​ What can I do at this age besides building my skillset to be geared up for when I turn 18 and am ready to get into the real world?
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