Financial media is trying hard to crash Bitcoin


I just loaded Financial Times before going to sleep and to my surprise I found this:

So let me get this straight:

  • Made-up panic about an intellectual simulation about an hypothetical nuclear-end-of-the-world atomic war. Who was the genius that wrote this history? Really: read it, it is amazing.
  • Matusalem-worth old histories about a devastating finance crash related to Bitcoin that is now 8 years old. Ok, maybe is worth to fill some empty unsold ad-space on your newspaper. But why is it on the portrait of the digital edition?? makes no sense
  • Old Headlines about Genesis crypto lender going bankrupt. Yeah, we know the history. But is old news. It doesn't make sense to post this on the portrait anymore
  • Headlines about US government going after some Russian crypto exchange. Ok.

And I'm supposed to believe all this histories had made the FT portrait of today just because this was the most interesting and relevant histories they had to post there today?

  • Mmmm.. maybe I would believe that If it was not because I just loaded the FT because I was looking for some other financial-doom-end-of-the-world histories like the upcoming US goverment default on its debt (less than 24 hours) because their political parties can't agree to raise the country debt ceiling. Ahh, but nothing to comment about this there. Ups wait, I see a small headline at the right bottom. Just below the headline where it talks about some 'clowns of cryptoland'. Ok. Great!