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Finally hit my Bitcoin goal!

Last October I was listening to a video half awake. The guy said Btc will go to psychotic levels because of limited supply etc. idk how I was half awake I had a major epiphany. My mind felt like it blew up. All of a sudden I was like woah I’ve seen this before in RuneScape with party hats. My mind was like holy fk. I’ve known about btc since 2015. I just never got it. From there I was holy shit. Threw every dollar I had. Got a small loan for 35k shortly after. Threw all of it in. Shoulda got bigger lol. Took a new sales job in my industry moved to a new state been selling all year. Didn’t go as well as planned but been accumulating. Now I hit my first major goal. Throw away account but close to 10. I had to hit this specific number before crazy levels because was worried. Now I hit it my next goal is 10 which will probably happen next year depending on how fast we shoot ip. If it’s on avg 100k then I’ll be able to do it by next fall I hope. If not I’m content. Next year goal is to get to 10 then 11. At the same time will pay off my car, the loan and all my debt. It’s on a hard we’re wallet. All backed up on titanium. I’m not low iq so not afraid of being hacked etc. I’ve studied Btc non stop then. Inb4 downvotes.
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