Fiat world is in phase where now owning anything will become a luxury only affordable for rich people. BTC is the only information that you knowing it is owning it.

1M Ago
I have been noticing for quite a sometime now but slowly owning anything is almost a option not available for many. 1. You can't own a house, you have to rent it. 2. You can lease a car now because owning it is so expensive. 3. Many cars that you buy these days have subscription based model. For eg heated seated are a option that needs to be purchased with it being already present in the car but not accessible. 4. You don't own any movies or music album, you have to get a subscription. And many more. The fiat world has made it possible to make it a luxury afforded by rich and aspired by poor the most. It almost depresses me like hell but BTC is the only ray of hope that I see. It is only information that knowing it is owning it literally. Don't get BTC for how many Fiat gains you would have in future. Get it to atleast own the most hardest asset in the world.