Fiat Money is Crony Capitalism. Bitcoin Restores Free Market Capitalism.


Most people today understand and agree that slavery is not desirable...yet once most societies practiced it.

Fiat money is a form of slavery and discrimination, albeit more subtle and less direct than physical slavery.

Fiat money gives huge power of capital funding to bankers and governments- they can create money out of thin air to fund any project they consider of value. Bankers and politicians thereby gain a hugely privileged position in the 'capitalist' economy because they can issue capital via fiat debt funding at close to zero cost to themselves while gaining power and profits/credit from the projects they fund at close to zero risk.

Fiat Money is Crony Capitalism. Fiat money is therefore a huge and significant distortion of capitalism. Fiat money gives bankers and politicians the ability to fund their chosen projects at the expense of debasing all other citizens fiat savings.

Bitcoin removes the power from bankers and politicians who operate and impose fiat debt slavery and liberates those who choose Bitcoin as an alternative to fiat money to the extent that they can.

Bitcoin restores the accumulation, allocation and control of capital to those who by their own efforts accumulate it. Bitcoin therefore restores free market capitalism.

Most people should be capable of understanding this and understanding this then gives those who understand it a valid cause to buy Bitcoin...more valid IMO than those primarily seeking fiat denominated speculative gains...who are essentially amoral parasites.

Understanding the extent and power of the fiat debt slavery bankers cartel will also recognise the risks inherent in what Bitcoin seeks to achieve.