Expose Umbrel Bitcoin Node via Cloudflare Tunnels

Expose Umbrel Bitcoin Node via Cloudflare Tunnels

Hi - Bitcoiners,

Does anyone have experience exposing their Umbrel Bitcoin node via Cloudflare Tunnels?
I was able to expose my Umbrel application/dashboard via Cloudflare Tunnels successfully.
It looks like Umbrel itself runs on port 80.
It seems that navigating to http://:80 will redirect automatically to http://
I am not sure if that redirect is causing an issue or not...

I can access my Bitcoin node if I browse to http://:2100

I am not however able to expose my Umbrel Bitcoin node on port 2100 via Cloudflare Tunnels. I also tried installing other Umbrel apps like Snapdrop, and I am not able to expose Snapdrop on port 8222.
I can access Snapdrop if I navigate to http://:8222

So far, I have performed the following troubleshooting steps.
1. Restarting my Umbrel LXE container.
2. Installing the Cloudflared service for Debian directly on the same container running Umbrel. (I uninstalled this once it did not work)
3. Installing the Cloudflared service via a Docker container on the same container running Umbrel. (I uninstalled this once it did not work)

I have about 15 other services currently configured correctly and accessible via Cloudflare Tunnels running on other VMs and CTs.
I think I am configuring the Cloudflare Tunnel correctly in the Zero Trust Console.
Running docker ps on my Umbrel terminal shows a bunch of nice information, such as each Docker container and the port used to host each service. I tried plugging and chugging those port numbers into the Cloudflare Tunnels configuration.
It seems that the Bitcoin node runs on port 8332 and 8333, then gets sent to port 2100 for Umbrel.
Not sure if this is causing some issue.

On another LXE Container, I run Portainer, and that works fine. I can access each service hosted by the Dockers containers in Portainer via Cloudflare Tunnels.

I found some links regarding similar troubleshooting steps, I tried these and it did not work for me.