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Electrum Personal Server 0.2.2 - Connect your Electrum wallet to your own full node

See release-notes file for a full list of changes.

For instructions how to install see the How-to on the README or choose one of the tutorials.

Please verify the PGP signatures (files ending in .asc) of the distributions which are signed using belcher's pubkey (fingerprint: 0A8B 038F 5E10 CC27 89BF CFFF EF73 4EA6 77F3 1129), the key can also be found here, here, here, here and here.

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China wants you to sell so they can buy your dip.

We gonna witness a history in bitcoin mining tonight, all mining farms (about 8m kw electricity load) will shutdown at 12pm Beijing time tonight, Harare rate already dropped significantly after sichua...