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El Salvador president changes Twitter profile to 'dictator'

El Salvador president changes Twitter profile to 'dictator'

El Salvador's president has apparently changed his Twitter profile description to “dictator,” in what may be an ironic comment on last week's protests against him

ByThe Associated Press September 20, 2021, 9:57 PM • 3 min read Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this article

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador -- El Salvador’s bitcoin-pushing president apparently changed his Twitter profile description to “dictator” Monday, in what might be an ironic comment on last week’s protests against him.

The office of President Nayib Bukele did not respond to requests for comment on the profile change, but there was no clear sign the president’s account had been hacked.

Bukele is a heavy Twitter user, and after his description changed to “dictator,” he continued tweeting normally Monday about bitcoin. The price and potential of the cryptocurrency appears to fascinate Bukele, and he made bitcoin legal tender in El Salvador, the first country to do so.

Not everyone was charmed by the tactic.

“Changing his Twitter profile to call himself the dictator of El Salvador is a very childish act on the part of the president," said legislator Johnny Wright Sol, a member of the opposition Nuestro Tiempo party.

“This is part of the president's strategy," said lawyer Eduardo Escobar, of Citizen's Action, a civic group devoted to government accountability. “He is trying to ridicule the feelings of the public or the opposition.”

Last week, thousands of people gathered in El Salvador’s capital for the first mass march against Bukele, who protesters say has concentrated too much power, weakened the independence of the courts and may seek re-election.

Bukele, known for his wry style, dismissed the Sept. 15 demonstration by saying protesters “took to the streets to fight a dictatorship that doesn't exist.”

The populist president elected in ...

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