eight straight months losing money

self.Bitcoin1m ago
I bought 1.5 Bitcoin in November 2021 and i have been losing money day after day, i have been watching my investment going to zero day after day, i can't handle this anymore, where are all the promises of inflation hedge and store of value? The inflation is soaring and my investment isn't protecting me from nothing, i can't even pay for food or groceries with this because no one accept it as payment method in my country and TBH i don't want to sell it and lose the opportunity to recover my money; i was played into a bottomless pit, i am starting to lose faith in this Bitcoin thing; i didn't bought it as a method to get-rich-fast but as a way to protect me from inflation but this thing isn't protecting me at all, i don't even have half the money i used to have when I bought it. You said to don't lend it, you said to move it from exchanges and to don't get yield out of it to don't get robbed, so what can I freaking do with this thing sitting on a cold storage and going to zero? Edit: my English s*cks