Educating others about bitcoin


Hi, I'm currently trying to teach someone about bitcoin. I've sucessfully taught several people before but this one is different. Looking for help on what I can do.

So far, I've covered principles relating to Bitcoin being a superior form of money to the dollar. He understands why fiat is a scam, and why bitcoin is a superior form of money. The thing is, he is not concerned at all of what the future holds under a fiat system. To me, it feels as if he is in some sort of Stockholm Syndrome of enjoying being under Slavery in fiat.

This person is relatively well off, and is part of the older generation.

Some things he has said:

"Well it works, so there's no need to change it"
"There's nothing we can do. There are states, there are people. States control people"
"This is just the way it is."
*the argument about widespread use of currency in daily life and not being able to use bitcoin in a shop*
"There's nothing we can do"
"Fiat's probably not going to crash in 20 years"
I would greatly appreciates suggestions on how to proceed. This is the first time that someone I have taught has responded in this way. Other people are actually concerned about the future.

*complacency is the biggest barrier to a brighter future*