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Don’t take advice from my dad...

So, the first time I learned about Bitcoin was around in 2011 or 2012. The end of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar was nearing and I wanted to invest in something as a hedge against bank issues (silly, I know, but led me to Bitcoin). It was a video or article by Max Keiser that convinced me. I was NOT wealthy, but had $1,000 and wanted to buy 100 bitcoin. Yet, alas, my dad told me I was a fool and talked me out of it. (my ex husband agreed with him). I was mad when it went to $19k in 2017. I thought I missed the boat and I forgot about it, especially since I was on the precipice of getting divorced. When it crashed to $5k earlier this year, I went on Reddit and you all convinced me to buy. I did, a full Bitcoin. When it went to $20k again after the election, my dad, again, scared me into selling. I did. When it went to $23k I was upset, but my dad assured me it would “crash.” It didn’t. I wanted to buy, but didn’t. When it went to $27k I was upset, but again, my dad assured me it would “crash,” but it didn’t. I wanted to buy, but didn’t. When it went to $30k I was like, fuck it, I’m taking the loss and buy back in. I don’t have a full bitcoin, but I have a chunk. Moral of the story, fuck my dad’s advice. He may know stocks, but doesn’t know jack shit about crypto. I learned my lesson the hard way. HODL, bitches.
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