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don't just buy bitcoin...earn it also!

Most of the world’s population won’t get Bitcoin from buying it with their bank account, they’ll earn it instead. We built Carrot to be the economic engine of hyperbitcoinization, letting anyone trade their time, talent and abilities for Bitcoin (sound money) directly in a global marketplace. Carrot is leveling the global playing field for talent. It’s a way for anyone to be compensated for the value they can create by participating in the online economy, regardless of where they live or whether they have a bank account.

We believe that every person has something unique they can offer the world, and that there is an unlimited pool of potential — energy, value creation, social good, that is untapped today. Carrot is our small contribution toward creating an equality of opportunity worldwide. Our mission is to spread hyperbitcoinization by letting the next billion people earn their first Bitcoin.

We’re starting with a focus on Bitcoin rewards, because rewards are fun and hey, who doesn’t want rewards? Carrot isn’t a Fiverr or Upwork competitor for “real work” yet, even though our early users are already creating tons of value through Carrot. As Chris Dixon of Andreesen Horowitz says, “the next big thing will start out looking like a toy.” Instead, we think of Carrot as a platform for people to get extra rewards for doing things they already do for fun today, like creating memes, sharing their preferences, or using social media.

Eventually though, as more and more activity happens on Carrot, it can become a primitive decentralized digital resume or CV to show what each person has contributed. Want to find the meme master who’s won the most meme competitions? Or the developer who’s contributed to your favorite open source projects? Carrot serve as a credentialing system to help surface talented creators based on what they’ve provably done online. In the future, we hope Carrot can even become the platform that helps you develop and maximize your ...

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