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Don't invest if you don't trust in Bitcoin. Price is unimportant in the long run. The real value of it through adoption and real-world usage is sky-rocketing since months.

Just thought I'd share what I see as the most important lesson I've learned since I started to get into Bitcoin. Its current price is not its value. Price is only temporary and will always adjust to value in the end. You can get a grasp of Bitcoins real value everytime you see news about which new country or organisation is adopting bitcoin. Everytime you see some random sign that says "accepting Bitcoin now". Hell, you can get debit cards by now that you just use like the normal ones and in the background every payment is paid from your wallet instead of your bank account. But most importantly I learned to bother less about how much fiat my coins are worth because getting Bitcoin should be about having Bitcoin to use in the future because for me there is now doubt about it replacing our current money system. It already is. So better be honest to yourself. Do you really trust in Bitcoin and are willing to ignore the price going down because you see its true value? Or are you just after something to make money with. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that but the problem is if you don't put value>price than you're in for a lot of sleepless nights. Have a good day everybody. And keep sharing all those pictures about random local stores accepting BTC now :) EDIT: Someone asked me what I base the assumption on that BTC's value is rising and I figured he has a point so I'll just copy my answer here: Countries and banks paving the way for Bitcoin adoption. You can read about this literally every week if you're looking for it and they are not doing this based on speculation but because the demand is there (and ofc to prepare to get a piece of the cake when things really take off. Trust the greed of the big fishes). Companies like TenX, technologies like Lightning Network already making BTC a more reliable and trustworthy option for every-day transactions than fiat. Seeing how it already worked on a big scale e.g. ...
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