Doing my part to help spread Bitcoin adoption. 342,900 Satoshi's paid out so far to 14 different countries!


*This is an update to my previous post last month. I believe in the bitcoin revolution that's underway and would like to further spread adoption by getting it flowing into the economy.

I do that by using (freelancer market place to earn sats) , to find freelancers from anywhere around the world and paying them satoshi's to do simple tasks. Which in my case is for them to just record a thirty second video of themselves (disguised or not) answering any of these questions:

  • Create at least a 30 second video of yourself explaining why you think ₿itcoin is important to our evolution as humans?
  • What can - ₿itcoin provide for people?
  • What attracted you to buy ₿itcoin?
  • How have you personally used ₿itcoin?
  • How has ₿itcoin positively impacted your life?

I think every voice is just as equal and impactful as the next person, equal to Elon Musk, Michael Saylor, your neighbor, someone across the world, etc. It's interesting to me to hear anyone's unique perspective about this technology that is revolutionizing the way we function with another human regardless of the biased borders we created. And pay them in sats for it.

one of the tasks

showing on that I paid out said satoshi's

So far I've paid out 342,900 satoshi's to individuals from 14 different countries (Brazil, Cuba, Ethiopia, Mexico, New York, Venezuela, Nigeria, India, Honduras, Philippines, Pakistan, Spain, Thailand, and Kenya. I decided to keep the pay out value consistent with how Bitcoin is currently priced by $'s and something that I can afford to give out consistently lol.

sat distribution

I plan to continue making different tasks and would love any suggestions for challenges that would also help shed light about Bitcoin to the masses.

Check out my linktree, I try to post the submissions through tiktok and instagram.