Does Bitcoin still support these transaction types Satoshi originally mentioned?

20D Ago
>The design supports a tremendous variety of possible transaction types that I designed years ago. Escrow transactions, bonded contracts, third party arbitration, multi-party signature, etc. If Bitcoin catches on in a big way, these are things we'll want to explore in the future, but they all had to be designed at the beginning to make sure they would be possible later. A lot of very useful opcodes were disabled early in Bitcoin due to bugs but were never re-written and re-implemented. OP\_CAT, OP\_SUBSTR, OP\_LEFT, OP\_RIGHT, OP\_INVERT, OP\_AND, OP\_OR, OP\_XOR, OP\_2MUL, OP\_2DIV, OP\_MUL, OP\_DIV, OP\_MOD, OP\_LSHIFT, OP\_RSHIFT. These opcodes were disabled a lot of them are useful but were never re-implemented they were probably required to support the transaction types Satoshi mentioned. [](