Does being responsible to safeguard a large amount of Bitcoin makes you nervous?

13D Ago
I’ve been buying and piling up Bitcoins in cold storage for a few good years now to the point that my BTCs worth more than my house at this time. The thing is, five years ago I’ve created around 50 paper wallets (very safely) and since then I’ve been sending my coins to these wallets in a way that no wallet holds more than USD50k. I store the keys away from my home and also keep a copy of these wallets safely stored on a second location (actually in another country) and in all these years my private keys were never exposed to the internet (the wallets were generated offline and the old computer and old printer were physically destroyed). So yes the paper wallets are safe. But keeping such amount with the perspective of one day each paper wallet to hold hundreds of thousands of dollars is making me nervous, I fear the day I’ll finally have to sweep one of those wallets in order to spend the money and something goes wrong for whatever reason. Even sweeping everything to a hardware wallet right now makes me anxious not to mention not trusting putting all my BTCs under a single mnemonic seed instead of having multiple wallets as I have right now. I know I’m being paranoid, but it’s not easy to have such a big part of your savings on something that can be easily stolen from you. I guess that with great power comes great responsibility. Anyways, aside from sharing my story I would like to know how do you deal with the responsibility of safeguarding something that in the future could worth millions?