Does anyone here...


Does anyone here...

more often than not, wake up in the morning and your first thought is related to bitcoin?

Most mornings I wake up and bitcoin is on my mind; is that healthy?

Feels like and obsession, but I love it

And a lot of times when I go through the day, I relate happenings in my day to a bitcoin argument. This mind virus has real taken hold.

when you go down the bitcoin rabbit hole, you can never get out. It's a black hole, pulling all thoughts to the Bitcoin Singularity.

Do I need an intervention, or should I just let bitcoin's gravitational effects wash over me.

It's addicting to feel like you understand something that the masses don't. The importance of bitcoin is only known by few. Which an intoxicating feeling.

But is this feeling of superiority the true impetus for the believe in bitcoin? It makes you feel good to know something that others don't. This becomes part of your identity, to admit bitcoin is not perfect or this world changing technology would be to lose a major part of your ego. The ego can't handle this, therefore you can't ever think clearly and objectively when it comes to bitcoin.

but the question even is does this matter? A rabid community around a cause is a necessity for global success.

I'm here for this ride. It will either crash and burn, and the mornings of thinking about bitcoin were worthless or hyperbitcoinization happens in our lifetimes and the lore of the early days of bitcoin will be sung throughout the centuries.