Does anyone else DCA like me?

1M Ago
[Edit: this is not Dollar cost average. I used the term loosely as slang as my method end up with small weekly buying of Bitcoin] My rules: Each week I check the balance. Whatever the dollar high for my account is that week I add that much to bring it back to that. E.g. Bitcoin lost 10% that week, i add in 10% Bitcoin gained 10% that week, I put aside some cash in normal savings to buy the next dip. Recap: Never sell bitcoin. Only buy, to top up the dollar value to its highest level. Obviously if there is a sudden 80% drop and I've got a lot in bitcoin that's going to be an issue. But generally it provides a fun game. [Edit] Short worked examples: you buy $200 this week (and your first time) That's your float. You have $200 worth of Bitcoin. Next week you check ... Bitcoin up... Stick $20 under a mattress. Nice one. Next week check... Bitcoin down... The highest point that your account reached that week was $220! But it's now $190... So you add $30 this week to make it $220 again. Repeat. Always topping it up to its highest weekly dollar value each week.