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Do not store your wallet on the exchange, store it on your crypto wallet.

Some people stored their funds on a crypto exchange, which is not a good thing to do like a good bitcoin. Some people believe that their cryptocurrency is much safer in exchange than their crypto wallet, this concept is a big no for me, well, in fact, I always read some articles about a hacked exchange every week or months. It is much safer to store our money in our crypto wallet but the problem with it is that it is also vulnerable to being stolen by hackers. We can prevent this thing from storing our private and public keys. Just key terms to remember: **Transferring of funds** Public key - allows you to transfer funds into it Private key - allows you to transfer funds out to it. **Exclusively** Public key - publicly known and important for identification Private key - this should be secret, excluded only for two parties which are the receiver and the sender. **If you lose your public key, you can still access it using your private key and if you lose your private key you cannot access your fund anymore.** Storing your private key is a really important thing to do whenever you want to secure your wallet. Do not store it on your device because any device ate prone to hackers. Use any strategies except online.
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