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Discussing Federated Chaumian Mints On Lightning

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[0:07] P: Really looking forward to this one. Yeah. This is obviously Bitcoin Magazine Twitter Spaces. We do these multiple times a week, but today, we're going to be talking about the Lightning Network and federated chamian mints and what they mean, what they are, why they're interesting. This is a recorded conversation, and it will be released on the Bitcoin Space's live feed, which you can find on whatever podcast app you use. It's also published on YouTube. That's basically why we're here and what we're about.

Eric, you've been working on chamian mints. Can you give us a little bit of your backstory, who you are and why you are interested in chamian mints?

[0:51] Eric Sirion: Okay. Awesome. Yeah, my background is mostly in computer science. As such, I had a keen interest in old eco-schemes. At university, I did a talk about all the development from the beginning in the 80s with chamian eco-schemes and right up to Bitcoin and all the amazing stuff like Lightning. That's how I got an idea of being able to integrate all these different ideas. Yeah. At some point, I heard about Liquid and federations and I was like, "Why don't we use the federation tag to implement these old e-cash ideas that allow us to have perfect privacy on Bitcoin, but perfect privacy in the eco-scheme to improve Bitcoin?" That's where the idea came from.

[1:42] P: Very cool. Very cool. Casey, you want to go next?

[1:45] Casey Rodarmor: Yeah, sounds good. Yeah. I am a programmer within the Bay area. I used to be, I guess, briefly a Bitcoin core developer at Chaincode Labs a long time ago. Like Eric, I'm really interested in pre-Bitcoin forgotten knowledge. A lot of Bitcoiners don't really know about stuff like e-cash and other weird systems that existed before Bitcoin. Often, they were pretty centralized, but they have interesting properties.

My interest in chamian mints actually comes...

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