Dear business owners! anyone struggling to generate optimum ROAS from their performance marketing campaigns? I am offering a free Google and FB performance account audit for a limited time!


Dear Business Owners,

I am Vivek, a digital marketing(performance) professional with 12+ years of experience in the Industry, having worked with almost all major verticals & Industries, I was able to handle spends ranging from $10,000 to a million. For a Limited time I am offering a free audit for any performance or awareness led accounts where you are facing challenge with anything

Audit will be done on certain fundamental parameters as listed below -

Account Quality(Health Score(Assets used like extensions, ad set settings, historical metrics etc.)

Account Structure (Bifurcation of campaigns basis objective, targeting, geo, budgets etc.)

Adgroup/Adset Structure (Fundamental targeting metrics(Keywords/Audiences/Match types and all)

Ad Level(Types of Creative used, combination of creative with targeting parameters)

Audience/Keywords/Creative Fatigue

Campaign/Account Settings(Bid Level, Geo Level etc.)

Feel Free to reach me out through a DM

Wish everyone luck