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Crypto Friendly Bank as of August 2021?

I have only one main account on Barclays but I need to make another one where I would withdraw my crypto earnings. So wat would you suggest Monzo or Starling. Starling because I saw a news regarding them that they will resume the cryptocurrency exchange transfers on June 23 2021 after an enhanced payment review process. But not sure if ppl can do transfers right now with starling without accounts being blocked. Same goes for Monzo coz I have seen mixed answers. Some accounts get blocked and some don't. I have also been told that I can deposit/withdraw money using paypal. So payapl to exchange and vice versa. And from there transfer the money from paypal to my bank account. I was also suggested to use revolut but the only reason that is putting me off from using Revolut is that I have been told its not like actual bank like Monzo and Starling. One more thing if God Forbid my account does get blocked then will I be able to get that hard earn crypto back or will the bank keep that money? Sorry I am just lost at this point due to different answer like for some its working and for some its not so could you please let me know. Coz I have to have another bank account other then my main one. Thanks.
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