Credit Suisse held $32 million of digital assets for customers last quarter

1M Ago
\[Credit Suisse held 32 million US dollars of digital assets for its customers last quarter\] according to the golden financial report, according to regulatory documents, Credit Suisse held 31 million Swiss francs (about 32 million US dollars) of assets and liabilities for its customers at the end of the second quarter, and vaguely described as follows: digital assets protect assets. It did not report holding these assets in the first two quarters. The document does not provide a specific amount of digital assets. A person familiar with the matter said that Credit Suisse disclosed that it held token Securities for its customers according to the accounting standards of the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The so-called "SAB 121" instructs companies holding "encrypted assets" for customers to report them as assets and liabilities on the balance sheet. Regulators published the guidelines in March to highlight the "significant risks" of cryptocurrency custody. Credit Suisse stated in its annual report that it now complies with the accounting standards.