Craig Wright Claims to Have Destroyed Hard Drive Containing Satoshi Wallet Keys

10D Ago

Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist, has long claimed to be the mythical character who invented Bitcoin. But, according to the crypto community, the truth could not be further from the truth. The man’s credibility has suffered yet another blow as a result of his involvement in the latest litigation.

Wright originally rose to fame in 2015 when a tip from an anonymous source sparked a series of concurrent investigations by media sites that concluded he was Satoshi. However, numerous additional studies concluded that the “flimsy evidence” offered as support was woefully inadequate. The following year, Wright embarked on a press tour and identified himself as the creator of Bitcoin.

He is no longer using cryptography to prove he is Satoshi after numerous failed efforts. According to his declaration before a Norwegian court, Wright claims to have destroyed his only proof after “stomping on the hard disc” containing “key slices” required to access Satoshi Nakamoto’s private keys, making it extremely impossible to establish his allegation “cryptographically.”

So far, the Australian computer expert has been unable to defend his claim, which is currently at the core of his trial in Norway. Simultaneously, Wright is fighting a court battle with crypto Twitter user Hodlonaut after a series of tweets in which the latter called Wright a “scammer” and a “fraud.”

Wright reacted when Hodlonaut’s attorney, rjan Haukaas, asked if he had purposefully destroyed the hard disc.“I didn’t want to encourage the arguments that you need keys. Yes, you could say this is a risk, but I think it’s the most important thing I’ve done in my life.”

Wright does not intend to sign with the secret keys in order to support his point. According to his court statement, he prefers to go the “traditional route,” relying on his self-proclaimed “academic achievements,” career history, patents, and relationships with “100 people,” including American software developer Gavin Andresen, who also worked as a chief scientist and core developer at the Bitcoin Foundation.

Andresen is one of the first people known to have exchanged emails with Satoshi Nakamoto. Years after claiming that he was certain Wright was Nakamoto, Andresen refuted the claims during a “private proving session” in London.

He had earlier claimed to have left the meeting certain that Wright was the same Nakamoto who had revealed Bitcoin, but he then said he didn’t think he ever spoke to the former founder again and refuted his prior claims.

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