Countries Attempting to Regulate Bitcoin with Tone Vays - State of Bitcoin Ep. 38

1M Ago
In this episode I am joined by Tone Vays (@ToneVays on Twitter) who is a former Wall Street Quant with a background in Financial Engineering, turned Bitcoiner. He is the founder of the Financial Summit, Unconfiscatable Bitcoin Conference, and the Understanding Bitcoin Conference. We get into Tone's background, the gap between traditional finance and Bitcoiners, the growing amount of in person conferences, and his take on China banning Bitcoin mining.   Then we take a dive into these 6 current event stories surrounding Bitcoin and the greater macro economy:   \- Iran approves regulation for use of Bitcoin and shitcoins for international trade  \- Singapore planning legislation to decrease purchases of Bitcoin and crypto  \- NYDIG announces Lightning Accelerator Project:  \- Bitcoin Depot is going public on Nasdaq:   \- El Salvador Volcano Bitcoin Bonds delayed  \- Eurozone Inflation hits 9.1%:    Give the episode a listen [here](