Could we use the Block Chain To solve this election mess in the USA ?


Could we use the Block Chain To solve this election mess in the USA ?

English isnt my first language so please dont kill me mates.

I am watching the results of the US Election and they are still counting votes this long? Is this normal?

Could we solve this using the blockchain, in very simple terms? This idea came to me while I am supposed to be actually coding.

Some sort of validation mechanism, that proves you are a person in compliance with whatever laws, blah blah. ( assume this could be done in person or remotely) Then you receive a QR code to your anonymous wallet with 1 coin.

Then you spend your coin to the D or the R wallet ?

Open source, Public chain.

The individual is the only person that knows the wallet address to check that their vote counted.

This sounds to good to be true, so please turn this idea to swiss cheese if it sucks.

My fear is the people in power dont want open sourced and free elections. I am not a election denier, I just come from a country where elections are.... lets just say for show.

EDIT: Seems like the issue is more of a political issue than a math problem. Could we start in areas where its not heavily contested. Such as IL, CA, etc where its not really an issues. once people start to trust it we expand ?

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