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Could we try as a community to be less negative? Just for a month?

We have a LOT of new people who are going to be joining us over the next couple of months due to Bitcoin being a purchasable currency on PayPal. This is HUGE for Bitcoin, but all I see here is “not your keys not your coins”, “it’s literally not bitcoin if you’re can’t trade it out”, “what’s the point” etc. - It’s not REAL bitcoin, why should I care? - Even though it’s essentially a cryptocurrency garden, it still exposes MILLIONS of potential new users for bitcoin who currently haven’t even heard of it. - What can I do? - Welcome the newcomers, you might be their first interaction with the community! Ignore & downvote the trolls, they literally add nothing beneficial to the conversation. Answer questions with enthusiasm, the person you are speaking to might be brand new to bitcoin. I know you can’t change a subreddit overnight, but just for a month, take a moment and think about how you can help someone before commenting. Thanks for reading! :)
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