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Could Tesla CEO Elon Musk be Next in Line for Bitcoin's Lightning Torch?

From Twitter founder Jack Dorsey to crypto billionaires, the Lightning Network torch is still a thing on social media. It most recently found its way into the hands of Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. Zhao, like many in the Bitcoin community, would like to see Tesla CEO Elon Musk grab the torch next.

Twitter Wants Elon Musk to Join Bitcoin’s Lightning Experiment I am sure you will get it soon enough, let me harass brother @elonmusk a bit more. lol — CZ Binance (@cz_binance) February 11, 2019

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee wanted it for himself, at the suggestion of Lightning Labs co-founder Elizabeth Stark.

Charlie hasn't had it yet! @SatoshiLite 🔥⚡️ — elizabeth stark (@starkness) February 11, 2019

He took the opportunity to point out that many people don’t seem to “want” the torch.

I will take it off your hands since no one wants it. 😂 — Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] (@SatoshiLite) February 11, 2019 is progressively developing as a website and potentially a movement. Every time we visit it, the appearance has changed, and the list of people who’ve received the torch has grown longer. It now sports a meme gallery.

The recent Bitcoin price increase moved the value of the torch (3.21 million satoshis) to about $116.

Will This Bitcoin Torch Be ‘Stolen’ More Often As It Grows in Value?

Binance’s Zhao obviously sees the value of the Twitter game. Demonstrating the microtransactional possibilities of Lightning Network, the scaling solution for Bitcoin has a lot to prove after two forks of Bitcoin have viably created systems where the value of a transaction is much lower.

New study shows that Bitcoin Cash "outperforms everyone else in Reddit enthusiasm during a bear market, with a community that’s clearly passionate and devoted to global adoption." — Roger Ver (@rogerkver) February 11, 2019

Other notable torch-bearers in the week-long experiment include @...

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