Core Lightning version 0.12.0 released!

1M Ago

We're pleased to announce the 0.12.0 release of core-lightning, named by @adi2011.

Developers: please note the Great Msat Migration in the APIs!

Highlights for Users NEW Built-in bookkeeper plugin! This plugin tracks all movements of msats for your node, gives you a better idea of your costs and revenues, prints out CSVs that are uploadable to Koinly and CoinTracker, lets you inspect the on-chain footprint of a channel (useful when it goes to chain). Check out the new bkpr- prefixed commands. NEW Built-in commando plugin! This lets you create runes to allow access to your node from a commando client, which will let you send and receive RPC commands over the lightning network. NEW Emergency channel backup ("static backup")! Keep track of what peers you have channels with, and in case of node failure ask those peers to close the channel. NEW zeroconf channels are possible for whitelisted peers. hsmtool has a new command, checkhsm, which will let you check a BIP30 passphrase against the hsm_secret. Multiple log-file options will open multiple files for logging. Various crashes and issues fixed in connectd including crash on peer reconnect and large memory usage when many concurrent peers. PSBT: fixes signature encoding to comply with BIP-0174. We added dynamically detected public IP addresses to getinfo. Due to dependency issues on some platforms, a tarball of pre-generated manual pages is included with this release. Highlights for the Network We prefer IPv6 connections when available. We now accept spam gossip and use it for routing, but don't relay it. We no longer create gossip messages with zlib encoding (but still understand them). We treat LND "internal error" as warnings, not force close events (reverts to v0.10.0 behavior). Highlights for Developers _msat fields are added wherever they were missing in the API: they're still currently an "msat"-suffixed string, but will soon bean integer value. Test with deprecated_apis=false. The channel_state_changed notification now fires when a channel moves into state CHANNELD_AWAITING_LOCKIN. htlc_accepted_hook will now expose the short_channel_id and the per-channel HTLC id. pyln-testing now includes utilities to read and parse the gossip_store. script now includes a fund_ln method. Rust binaries such as cln-grpc now included in our reproducible builds. Updated the bolts implementation for pyln-spec. Plugins no longer hang indefinitely if lightningd closes their connection. M1 architecture support. Upgrade docker base image from Debian buster to bullseye, works with glibc 2.29+. Docker images now built with rust plugin cln-grpc.

Since v0.11.1 we've had 508 commits from 31 different contributors over 80 days.

A special thanks goes to 9 first time contributors:

Aditya Sharma Alex Myers Igor Bubelov Justin Moon Peter Neuroth Swapnil Jose A.P. Brian Barto AutonomoousOrganization

~ @niftynei, Christian, and Rusty