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Control your keys! Results of hardware wallet destructive testing, by @lopp

Metal Bitcoin Seed Storage Stress Test (Part II)

A year ago I published the results of extreme stress tests that I performed upon popular metal seed storage devices. You can view my first stress test here in which I tested Billfodl, Bitkee, ColdTi, Cryptosteel, and Crypto Key Stack. As I noted in that post, my primary considerations for the robustness of a seed storage device are heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and crush resistance.

For this round of testing I’m repeating the same procedures but with two minor changes:

The makers of the tile-based devices objected to my heat test on the grounds that I used a butane torch with a small flame and as a result, the heat was applied unevenly and created warping that allowed the tiles to fall out. The was a fair point, so instead of using a small torch this time I’m using a large propane torch that creates a flame over 4" in diameter. I had some poor results with etching the ColdTi during the first test and was informed by the owner of that my AA battery powered engraver didn’t have enough juice. He was kind enough to donate a Dremel engraver for these tests. The engraver also came with a template which turned out to be quite handy. The Contenders

Blockplate 2.0: Claims “Exceptional strength. Fire and heat protection (Up to 1149°C / 2100°F). Water and corrosion resistant. 12 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel is tough against wear and tear.” The unique thing about this design is that it uses neither stamping nor etching. A simple center punch stores your seed in minutes with a dot for each character.

Blockstream Metal: A rebranded Billfodl, based on open source Cryptosteel design. Stainless steel device that comes with prefabricated letters. “You can then rest assured that our high quality marine grade 316 stainless steel will keep your seed safe against all the elements.”

Coldbit Passphrase: I was excited to see this because it’s the same design as the CryptoHex...

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