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Community math time: What if the only way to buy Bitcoin was to buy from the miners because nobody who buys Bitcoin ever sells it for fiat? As we get closer to this, the price of Bitcoin will continue ever upward to new highs. Bitcoin to infinity.

I think it's a matter of time before Bitcoin is worth millions and then billions of dollars per BTC. I'm probably calling it 40-100 years ahead of time. Weak hands will lose the long game in Bitcoin. Every time a weak seller sells, a deep holder will buy it up. Eventually Bitcoin winds up in the titanium hands of true Bitcoiners who will never sell. I think this is what Michael Saylor CEO of Microstrategy was thinking. Bitcoin is the perfect system for usurping value from all other forms of money. It's a financial virus in a way. Bitcoin rewards you based on how soon you figure this out. The sooner you buy the better. And Bitcoin will always be the best long term investment no matter when you buy it. Just be patient and never sell. Bitcoin is money. Just buy stuff with it when you want to take profit. You never need to sell Bitcoin. The fewer sellers, the higher the price obviously.
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