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Cold Storage Idea

completely computer illiterate, I can't really do much better/complex. My hope is that if someone else finds this, they'll try forwards, backwards, every other, every 3rd, diagonal, etc, but never figure out the exact combo. After trying to bruteforce it for a couple days, they'll give up and toss it in the trash. The cipher works by first writing down the code on a piece of paper \(offline to make sure its safer\). You then count out the alphabet until you get to the first word of the unscrambled wallet. In this case, my encoding word is TEST \(any word is acceptable provided its fairly long \- longer the better \- up to 23 characters\). What you do is starting with where you wrote AMATEUR, you count A, then LATER becomes B. You repeat this until you get to the letter T in TEST, which happens to be ARCTIC. This becomes the first word of the unscrambled wallet, and you cross it off \(skipping over it for the remainder of the code\). After you find ARCTIC, you start counting again with REPORT being A, RADAR being B, and so on, looping around until you get to the 2nd letter in the password E. This means the 2nd word of the unscrambled wallet is AMATEUR. You repeat this, looping through the list of words and password as many times as necessary. \(There's got to be a word for this type of cipher, but I don't have a clue what it's called.\) All of this is stamped onto 22 GA weldable sheet metal, to be stored in a safe or somewhere dry. The idea was to create a fairly survivable long\-term storage option where one of my family members could forget about this completely, find it 10 years down the road and have it still be in perfectly readable condition. Since I'm using the BIP39 implemented in the Ledger, finding a word list should be fairly straight forward in the event the metal gets bent/ripped across a word or two. The idea would be that once the user wishes to redeem their coins, this wallet would be completely abandoned for something else secure, so its a 1\-time use setup. Since I know nothing of metalworking, and I'm not the greatest at crypto, I felt like sharing the idea to inspire others, or to get advice on what I may be missing. It seems fairly straightforward, but I feel like there could be some fatal flaw that I'm completely overlooking with this. My biggest concern would be that the individual has to memorize some scramble password \(which they'll have to share with me, but thats the nature of the beast and not relevant at this time\), which means it could be bruteforced out, or simply forgotten. But I'd prefer a simply forgotten password than to create this "ultra secure wallet" that the first person who accidentally gets hold of it can steal everything from....
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