Coinsquare's CEO on market conditions

self.Bitcoin1m ago
(received via email) **A letter from Martin** To our Coinsquare customers, As CEO of Coinsquare and a crypto investor myself, I know that every day in the crypto market can be unpredictable and asset security can become a real concern. That being said, with the recent news of Three Arrows Capital filing for bankruptcy and Voyager Digital and Celsius pausing all withdrawals, I feel it is only prudent to reiterate that Coinsquare does not lend out client assets and has no exposure to the above companies on our balance sheet. Not only do we keep all of our client assets in cold storage, but we also use our corporate funds for all our hot wallet reserves. To find out more about how we have put the safety of all assets we manage first, please read our recent blog post about Coinsquare’s commitment to asset security. If the current environment has taught me anything it is that we have the right principles at the heart of our mission which drives us towards the pursuit of modernizing finance, creating an easy way to access digital assets, and providing a secure ecosystem for our customers to buy, sell and trade their assets. Coinsquare is on an accelerated path to become an IIROC dealer member firm. For our customers this means that you will have additional safeguards in place beyond any other crypto exchange in Canada. Stay tuned for more information as we progress through this important project. *Martin Piszel* CEO Coinsquare Ltd