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Coinse Commerce overpay network fees, and fakes mnemonic for customers.

I made an account on Coinbase Commerce, saved my seed phrase, got payments for invoices, and everything worked awesomely. later on, when I tried to withdraw, I found out I don't control my bitcoin, the seed Coinbase generated isn't a real one. it is not the one used to generate addresses for my customers, therefore I access the wallet ONLY thru Coinbase website. The issue here is: Coinbase Commerce always set transaction fees to the highest ever possible, and don't give u the choice to choose your own fees, making it charge me 20$ on a 100$ withdraw! I've read on Reddit that they changed the derivation path for addresses generated for bitcoin, and it is a lie, u can't prove that, I tried every single derivation path possible and none of them gave me the addresses that Coinbase Commerce generates. People should immediately stop using Coinbase Commerce as a payment processor and find a better alternative.
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